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    Jan & Dan Laytham

    Jan and Dan Laytham were top producing agents in Northern Virginia for more than 30 years. Their business was mostly concentrated in the town that they loved and called their home, Great Falls. The joy that they felt when finding a family the perfect home in Great Falls has been shared in many stories over the years. In 2012, they joined forces with Dianne Van Volkenburg to create the real estate powerhouse of Jan, Dan and Dianne also referred to as Great Falls Great Homes. The business partners quickly became family. They developed a support system that went far above business partners. The business and life philosophies that the trio shared strengthened their ties to each other. Jan and Dan decided to retire in July of 2016 leaving the business in the capable hands of Dianne. The business partnership has never been forgotten. Jan, Dan and Dianne are in constant communication and will always be an everlasting support in one another’s family and business ventures. What started as a business relationship developed into a fondness that is usually saved for family.

    Photo of Jan & Dan Laytham
    Jan & Dan Laytham
    Founding Partners
    Great Falls Great Homes
    9841 Georgetown Pike
    Great Falls, VA 22066

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